Maybe I needed to get to the massive low I felt last night until this morning. I've worked through a few emotions and now I think I'm ready to attempt to move on from feeling bad.

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well, I've been trying to hold my head up over this wave of sadness I've been feeling. It comes and goes, but it's there often. Lots of things have been going on, most due to my misguided attempt at being a good/nice person which often, like during the last two months backfires terribly. I don't know why I even try anymore.
I think that's all I really wanted to put on here.

I am so glad to have neo_prodigy on my friends' list

check his journal here on "Independence Day":

I think it is a shame that there aren't more days for -everyone- to have off work aside from "Thanksgiving", "Christmas", and "Independence Day".

I do like the idea of families having off days to spend with each other (even if that often turns into drama) I used to spend those days with my non-bio families (chosen family/friends)

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today has been a big annoyance and I think that is screwing me up right now, so I'm going to go exercise for a bit and try to burn off some of this fat frustration.

Exercise #2

Well, I broke a sweat this morning. I had to do 1 hour of working out to do it and used my weights on the second workout. I may get heavier weights once I fully adjust to the light ones.

I'm cold now though, so I'm a little more bundled up than I would be normally about this time. Actually, I guess normally I would still be alseep or I would have just woken up 10-20 minutes ago. I went to bed early last night, so I'm going to continue to try and keep up my routine in the mornings.

Now, on to working on art :3


The last few days I've been exercising, It is weird though since I am now in better shape than when I started out.

Today I didn't break a sweat at all, when I did my cardio for 25 minutes, some of it with a little extra weight. 4lbs total, I will consider getting heavier ones if these aren't doing it for me later this week.

It helped a lot that I decided to exercise some a few days after scuba diving, then posed for the Sunday life-drawing class(that just about destroyed my back, I need to pick less intense-poses) and then exercised with Sarah Monday morning before we were out to browse the mall prior to our showing of Star Trek (and while waiting on Keone's arrival)

So, Physically I'm doing much better it seems, it could just be this new inhaler I have as well, it really does make it much easier to breathe and I think I perform better if I don't feel like I'm sucking in a lot of dry air.

I am Feeling really off.

I think it might boil down to crying. That might alleviate whatever mess is going on with me. I guess I get to wait for awhile until I finally boil over with it.

I believe this is a pattern.