EbonyTigress (ebonytigress) wrote,

New Puppy

I've had him for a few weeks, but just haven't posted anything yet.
This is Dante, he is a husky/rottweiler mix. Dante will be getting his second shot this week, so I will most likely take him to the dog park the following weekend.

This was actually the second day we had him, he's 10 weeks in this one

He's changed so much, I thought when we took him home that his ears would be down, then the day we got him one ear was up. Then the other went up and went down again the next week. I think they are officially upright ears now. His face has changed a bit even since I took the following pictures from last week.

cut for pictures

here he was at 11 weeks

He likes Cole a lot, Cole tolerates him pretty well

he is stepping into one of the little drainage things.

he's learned a few things prior to when he starts puppy class next week. He can sit, shake and lay down. I'm working on teaching him to wait for his food after a lay down, he does well with the "stop" hand signal, so he's getting it. So far people mistake him for a shiba inu or some sort of german shepherd mix. One person got it right the last time I took him to the vet.
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