Tsunami warning

We are an hour out from when the Tsunami is supposed to hit Hawaii. I have moved our cats, their food, a large container of water and their belongings upstairs in case the wave is big enough to cause any minor flooding here.

I'm planning to bring Dante with me if it looks unsafe here and also bring a change of clothes for Chris and I if it turns out we will need it.

I just heard the sirens going off again.

I'm keeping track on MSNBC for now: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/42024659/ns/world_news-asiapacific/

I will update again when the threat passes.

EDIT 3:31AM, since the Army sent out a mass call to tell folks where I live not to evacuate to the other Army base here. Now I've got 4 hours to sleep until I need to get up and pick Chris up from work.

It has been nearly a year

I haven't updated here in a long time, but I am doing better day by day. I have been taking a new medication (Lamictal) that doesn't appear to be affecting me negatively so far, we'll see what happens when/if my dosage is adjusted from 50mg(I was told it will slowly be increased to minimize negative side-effects).

Chris and I will celebrate our 3rd anniversary in March, and we've been together for 4 years now.

I've drawn one thing I can honestly say that I did entirely because I felt like it, no negative emotions attached.

My dog Dante has grown up, we've acquired 2 more cats Ko'Olina and Sebastian, and Ember is in another home because she was getting the brunt of abuse from our foster cats and Cole with us. It became apparent she should probably be an only-cat or live with other less aggressive animals. Photos of pets and such: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sebryn/

Also there is now a website in place for the type of dog I will be getting in 2012:
http://www.bluebayshepherds.com/ Dam and Sire of my future pup will be Slate and Jordan.

Slate is just a beauty queen and I liked the description of her personality and Jordan is a very handsome GSD, was a Momma's boy as a puppy and looks like quite a ham. So,I settled on a puppy from them. If I get a solid blue female as planned, I will name her Eden.

That is not the official website from the breeder/founder, but one made by the owner of the featured dog Lori who is a foundation stock Blue Bay. Some information may not be entirely accurate, but it is still a good starting point for the breed in progress. I'm quite excited to see the first litter of pups born.

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I figured I should post something here. 2nd anniversary passed, we're doing fine. I'm going to try and figure out what to do with myself, as it seems that I am absolutely uninterested in doing art. Going to make an appointment to talk about my depression in hopes I can find a good way to manage it. I've been trying to exercise, it helps some.

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This is something I did based on some drawing suggestions thrown around in one of my other journals. The suggestions were to draw "Fluffy baby chickens","Wintery is fun. :3 Snowball fight!" and "Your tigress with a giant candy cane. You can never have too many stripes!"

I took little bits from those first three suggestions and combined them to make the above.

I'm still in an overall poor mood, but I'm trying to keep myself busy anyway.


I want to see The Princess And The Frog, but Chris doesn't want to go with me. So, I'll probably wait until he leaves next week on vacation to visit the family. Then hopefully I will go see it by myself.

I think I'm going to need to get very busy today, I'm starting to feel my dominant sad mood creeping in.


How do you make friends?

I know it will be easier when I have a car, mobility is a great asset. Has anyone tried anything in particular to meet nice, compatible people?

New Puppy

I've had him for a few weeks, but just haven't posted anything yet.
This is Dante, he is a husky/rottweiler mix. Dante will be getting his second shot this week, so I will most likely take him to the dog park the following weekend.

This was actually the second day we had him, he's 10 weeks in this one

He's changed so much, I thought when we took him home that his ears would be down, then the day we got him one ear was up. Then the other went up and went down again the next week. I think they are officially upright ears now. His face has changed a bit even since I took the following pictures from last week.

cut for pictures
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he's learned a few things prior to when he starts puppy class next week. He can sit, shake and lay down. I'm working on teaching him to wait for his food after a lay down, he does well with the "stop" hand signal, so he's getting it. So far people mistake him for a shiba inu or some sort of german shepherd mix. One person got it right the last time I took him to the vet.